Your First Visit

This is the area where we tell you what happens when you come visit us soon!

We want to make sure that you know exactly what to expect so you can get the most out of  your time with us …Enjoy!

And please if you have a question, even if you think it’s a silly one …don’t worry, ask away!

New Patients - Consultation

1.- Consultation

The first step to recovery is identifying and understanding the cause of your health condition through our unique diagnosis procedures.
The new patient process begins with a one on one detailed consultation to help Dr. Alfonso understand your condition and symptoms.

This initial visit is designed to help us learn more about you, your condition, any expectations you may have, and how chiropractic care can meet your health care goals.

New Patiens - Examination and Diagnostics

2.- Examination and Diagnostics


Once the consultation is completed, a comprehensive examination is performed. This comprehensive examination, which consists of orthopedic and neurological tests, analyzes and locates the damage and abnormal functions of the spinal system.

X-Ray Studies

Depending on your specific condition, we may need to take X-rays. These X-rays help develop the most effective treatment plan for you, and alert us to any serious spinal conditions.

New Patients - Treatment

3.- Treatment

After your evaluation, Dr. Alfonso may choose to perform some passive therapies to decrease the pain and discomfort. You will also be provided specific home instructions to decrease inflammation and pain before your next visit.

New Patients - Report of Findings

4.- Report of Findings and Treatment Plan

Once the information is collected and all necessary examinations are performed, Dr. Alfonso will provide you with a detailed report of findings. He will discuss corrective chiropractic treatment recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

New Patients - Wellness

5.- Wellness

Once you have completed your corrective chiropractic treatment plan, Dr. Alfonso will discuss with you the best plan of action to maintain your results and to continue improving through an individualized home and in clinic wellness program.

At Sunset Chiropractic & Wellness we understand that every person is unique and requires a custom individualized wellness plan. Our goal is to maintain a good posture, function, and quality of life.

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