Neuropathy Treatment


The Neuropathy Association estimates that one in fifteen adults in the U.S. suffers from some form of neuropathy, yet most people have never heard of it. Neuropathy is defined as disease or dysfunction of the peripheral nerves and is most often characterized as a burning, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet.


Neuropathy has many possible causes  including disease, injury, or treatment for chronic illness

Neuropathy Treatment – Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy Treatment – Peripheral Neuropathy

ss but it is insidious in that most suffers don’t really recognize the first onset of symptoms as a possible long term problem. They may notice burning in their hands or feet, or that their extremities seem to constantly be cold. They may experience weakness in their hands or lack of sensation in their toes. This can indicate that the nerves in these areas are being affected and most often the neuropathy is progressive, with symptoms escalating over time into numbness, cramping or instability when walking. Because the first symptoms seem minor, most patients don’t realize how disruptive neuropathy can eventually be if not managed.


Imagine not being able to hold a cup of coffee due to weakness in your hands, or not being able to walk without tripping because your feet are constantly numb. As neuropathy progresses those symptoms which were just an annoyance in the beginning, eventually become painful. A burning sensation can set in as nerves are damaged more extensively, disrupting the quality of life that person should be enjoying. There are many possible causes of neuropathy and often those who undergo treatment for chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, or auto-immune disease are surprised by the onset of neuropathy symptoms. This is because certain diseases, and the drugs used to treat them, affect the nerves in the short term and eventually may cause long term damage to the peripheral nerves. Chemotherapy, radiation, alcoholism and even many cholesterol lowering medications(statins) have neuropathy as a side effect. While initially, it may seem more uncomfortable than anything, the symptoms of neuropathy and long term nerve damage can have a tremendous impact on quality of life.


Another prominent cause of neuropathy is mechanical problems with the spine such as degenerative disc problems, herniated disc, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease any of which can produce either a sudden, or escalating, neuropathy in patients and must be managed along with treatment of the underlying spinal issue. Management of neuropathy is often overlooked by many physicians because they are focused on treating the underlying  illness or disease. What they don’t realize is that neuropathy symptoms make it that much harder for the patient to successfully tolerate treatment of those underlying illnesses and can lead to psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety. It is common to hear patients complain of neuropathy symptoms only to have some medical staff just assume that is part of the treatment for the disease. They incorrectly assume, and even tell patients, there isn’t much that can be done, but it’s just not true. No patient should suffer from unmanaged symptoms or the pain of neuropathy when there are effective ways to manage it.


Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso of Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness sets the standard of care for neuropathy sufferers. Dr. Alfonso has completed numerous advanced training seminars and received certifications in chiropractic technique, pain management, documentation, adjunctive therapy, risk management, nutritional management, personal injury.




Neuropathy Treatment – Protocol

Neuropathy Treatment – Protocol

The Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Protocol combines multiple treatment therapies which include pulse laser therapy and neuro mechanical stimulation. Each patient receives ongoing re-evaluation and assessment to ensure maximum symptom relief. The successful protocol is a pain-free treatment protocol that can only be provided in a healthcare professional’s office. It is non-invasive and drug-free so there are no concerns about drug interactions. It is completely safe and effective in the treatment of neuropathy pain. Frequently, patients have been able to get off of many medications that can affect them both mentally and physically. Each patient’s care is tailored to his or her own specific condition. Many of our patients have noticed changes such as improved sensation, and better stability and mobility within a very short time. Patients who have been unable to sleep for years because of numbness and tingling in their legs and  feet; patients who have had chronic pain and balance problems or had stopped favorite and even normal activities have found great relief with the Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Protocol. This could be you! Call today to stop living in pain!


What is Peripheral Neuropathy?


We can think of peripheral neuropathy as sick and/or dying nerves located in the outer aspects of our body (outside of the brain and spinal cord) and usually close to the skin’s surface. In the case of peripheral neuropathy, the tiny nerves that service the skin fail in their ability to transmit normal sensations to the brain and spinal cord. Anything that affects the nerves’ ability to function properly is called neuropathy.


Who Can Get Peripheral Neuropathy?


Statics show that at least 20% of us will eventually have peripheral neuropathy. It can happen to anyone; however it is seen most after the age of 45. Approximately 60% of diabetics will develop peripheral neuropathy, and many people taking statins (cholesterol drugs) will be affected. It isn’t unusual for patients to have suffered for years, and even if they have seen a doctor they frequently are told, “You will just have to live with it” or “Nothing more can be done.” You personally may have neuropathy, but just haven’t been diagnosed because there isn’t any simple neuropathy test, Neuropathy can be difficult to diagnose because each person may describe symptoms in their own way. That is why you will receive the vitally important detailed examination necessary for accurate diagnosis before you begin our Neuropathy Protocol™.

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