Top 5 Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Facts Attorneys Need Know

Top 5 Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Facts - DMX Study

Top 5 Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Facts Attorneys Need Know

1) What is DMX?

DMX (Digital Motion X-ray) is an image-intensified fluoroscopic x-ray system that allows the doctor or clinician to perform x-rays on a patient while moving the joint or body part.

The digital motion x-ray makes a digital video of the actual joint or body part in motion v(spine, hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and TMJ).

DMX is an innovative diagnostic technology that can help diagnose painful conditions that are often undetectable by motionless static x-rays, MRIs, and/or CT Scans, MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging).[/vc_column_text]


2) What’s injuries are found with a DMX?

DMX can provide valuable information about the stability and/or injury of all 22 major ligaments in the cervical spine which cannot be detected by motionless MRI, CT, or Static X-ray.

Digital motion x-rays detect spinal instability, fractures, abnormal bio-mechanics, anomalies, and ligament injuries not visualized on motionless non-weight bearing diagnostics.


3) Who should get a DMX Study?

Anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident (even a minor one), sports injury, or injury can benefit from the digital motion x-ray diagnostic analysis.

Patients who are experiencing ongoing problems such as neck pain or headaches but have not been successfully treated or diagnosed. Patients who have persistent symptoms and problems but their test results come back as normal.


4) How is DMX different from MRI or CT ?

Top 5 Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Facts - Who should get a DMX Study?

Top 5 Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Facts – Who should get a DMX Study?

Digital motion x-rays (DMX) can help doctors find the problems because it is weight bearing and motion based. DMX provided more information to the doctor on how the joint and structures are functioning in relation to the patient’s symptoms in real-time motion.

5) How will it help my clients?

DMX will help patients, doctors, and attorneys identify and understand injuries that go undetected on MRI, CT, and static x-rays.

It is required to document the exact location and severity of all injuries that occur in auto, work, home, and sports injuries for Medical-legal Injury cases.

DMX motion x-rays are analyzed with Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA) to achieve accurate measures and to determine the extent of the injury.

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