Millions Of Americans Experience Chronic Neck Pain

Experience chronic neck pain - Experience chronic neck pain

Millions Of Americans Experience Chronic Neck Pain

Miami, FL, July, 2021– Overuse, such as too many hours hunched over a desk at the computer, on the phone, and/or a steering wheel, often triggers

Experience chronic neck pain - CHRONIC NECK PAIN

Experience chronic neck pain – CHRONIC NECK PAIN

muscle pain. Neck muscles, particularly those in the back of your neck, become fatigued and eventually painful. When you repeatedly overuse your neck muscles, chronic pain can develop. Even such minor things as reading in bed or grinding your teeth can strain neck muscles.

Rear-end collisions often result in whiplash injuries, which occur when the head is jerked back and forward, stretching the muscles and ligaments of the neck beyond their limits.

However, there is effective treatment, and more importantly, neck injury prevention techniques, says Dr. Mark N. Berry and Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso, Miami, FL chiropractors.

Dr. Mark N. Berry and Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso, leading authorities on the treatment and prevention of neck injuries, Dr. Berry is a contributing author in the recently published book “Neck Pain – Neck Pain…You Don’t Want It, You Don’t Need It.”

Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso and Dr. Mark N. Berry indicated that while automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of neck injuries, simple daily activities can contribute to an increase of neck pain problems. Our neck pain prevention techniques are presented in this book and taught to our patients to decrease the need for doctor visits.

Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Berry are gentle, caring & highly experienced chiropractors. They specialize in nonsurgical structural correction of the spine, scoliosis treatment, the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue, and whiplash injuries.

Digital posture analysis - Experience chronic neck pain -

Digital posture analysis – Experience chronic neck pain –

Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness’s Structural Correction Chiropractic Care rehabilitates the damaged spine and its damaged structures (muscles, ligaments, fascia, discs, bone, and nerves) improving the structure, function, while reducing and/or eliminating the pain, and improving overall quality of life.

The new patient process begins with a one on one detailed consultation to help the doctor understand your condition and symptoms

Once the consultation is completed, a comprehensive examination consisting of orthopedic and neurological tests are performed to analyze and locate damage and abnormal functions of the spinal system.

and x-rays are then performed and analyzed using 41 measurements and 23 angles to help locate the cause of your spinal conditions and symptoms.

After our team of Doctors study your case, you will then receive a report of findings. This is when the doctor will go over what he found is causing your health conditions and explain your individualized treatment plan and recommendations.

Dr. Mark N. Berry and Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso are located at Sunset Chiropractic & Wellness located in Miami, FL 8585 Sunset Dr. STE 102 Miami, Florida 33143 . You can by calling 305-275-7474

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