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It is the mission of Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness to be the community resource for optimal health and healing.

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Chiropractic care is a safe, effective and natural approach to managing pain and other health related issues.

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Enjoying a long and healthy life is important to everyone. Chiropractic care unlocks your body's true potential and natural healing process to ensure your life is a healthy life.

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Dr. Alfonso, is fluent in Spanish, making our customers feel at ease during consultations and treatment sessions.

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We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.

Through predictable postural and spinal corrective programs, as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle education, we aim to guide our patients to a life of abundant health and vitality, excluding the use of unnecessary drugs or surgeries.

Chiropractic - Chiropractic and Wellness
Chiropractic - Chiropractic and Wellness

Sunset Chiropractic & Wellness

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Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso is a gentle, caring & highly experienced chiropractor. He specializes in nonsurgical structural correction of the spine, scoliosis treatment, the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue, and whiplash injuries.

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Chiropractic - Corrective Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic - Corrective Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic - Scoliosis Treatment
Chiropractic - Scoliosis Treatment
Chiropractic - Neuropathy Treatment
Chiropractic - Neuropathy Treatment
Chiropractic - Massage Therapy
Chiropractic - Massage Therapy
(DMX) Digital Motion X-ray - Cervical Protocol
(DMX) Digital Motion X-ray - Cervical Protocol
Chiropractic - Auto Accident
Chiropractic - Auto Accident

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Our modern chiropractic clinic and caring healthcare team is dedicated to eliminating the pain, solving your health conditions and improving your  quality of life.

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    Scoliosis is more than a Cobb angle. Scoliosis is a disease of the neuromuscular skeletal system. It is not a bone condi...

    Scoliosis is the leading orthopedic problem seen in school age children. 5-10 % of the population has scoliosis and some...

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